About Us

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Rebel + Co. Beauty is a hair studio located in Sandy Springs, Ga. At Rebel Co. Beauty we provide healthy hair and growth treatments and value ourselves in reaching clients’ hair goals. We provide virgin hair, organic skin care products, and hair growth stimulating oil. Our main goal at R+CO BEAUTY is to always deliver quality service and products to each client.



- What made you start your business? What are your goals and inspiration for your business? 

“Honestly, I started my business because I’ve always loved hair and truth be told, at 11 years old my mother wouldn’t give me a cellphone! I was so pissed because all of my friends at school had one. She told me, “I needed my own money to get my own phone”. I’m a rebel at heart so that was music to my ears! I made it happen!! I did all the kids hair in my neighborhood, that then grew to everyone at school, to their parents, to individuals from all over. It started every since I was old enough to play with dolls and I would cut their hair or use hair bows to give them styles like mine. I was born to be in the hair industry. I have a permanent scar on my arm from when I was around 10 years old and snuck to use my granny’s curling iron. Long story short, it fell and I’m a hair hustler for life! My inspiration for everything I do is my little brother. It’s so many wrong examples on social media these days and I want to show him that dreams truly come true with Faith and Passion. My goals for Rebel + Co. Beauty, I have two! Always create new waves and to “touch the nations”! “


- Tell us about your business. What makes you all different? 

My business is a minimalist- luxury beauty brand that specializes in beauty enhancements and the beauty of simplicity! I believe we are unique because there are very few African - American brands that share this concept and believe in being authentic. Most brands are all the same and as stated, we are in the business of creating new waves and breaking molds.


- What is Rebel + Co. Beauty’s purpose? 

I want to change lives for young women, little girls, even men one day. I want to service and give back. My heart goes out heavily to women that suffer from hair loss due to illness or hereditary situations. Even people that suffer from low self- esteem due to various things. HAIR CAN CHANGE THAT! Honestly. I myself have my moments where I just don’t feel pretty! The moment I put on a wig that I’ve created or refresh my natural curls, I feel amazing!!!